British Comedian John Oliver is known for taking on a lot of serious and important issues in his weekly news comedy show, Last Week Tonight. He regularly takes on key issues, from Saudi Arabia’s human rights abuses to Donald Trump to vaccines. And this week, he took on the Mueller Report, which investigated Trump’s alleged ties to Russia, as well as him obstructing justice to keep those Russian ties buried. However, he ended the show very surprisingly… with a huge shout out to the otter mascot, Chiitan!

Now, Oliver might not look like it, but he actually likes Japanese mascots… A LOT. In fact, he previously featured them on an earlier episode of his program. Now, his segment on Chiitan showed how much he knows about the otter mascot, including her recent legal troubles with the city of Susaki.

image via Last Week Tonight

Oliver explained that Susaki has two otter mascots, Shinjo-kun, the official otter mascot chartacter, as well as Chiitan, an actual otter. Now, the Chiitan with the internet infamy is not affiliated with the city at all, and this has caused much trouble for the city. Apparently, people are complaining about Chiitan (the mascot and not the otter) for her actions, and they’re submitting their complaints to Susaki. Now, the city has had enough of this madness and have sued the mascot Chiitan. The result is that Chiitan is now banned from doing public appearances. So what does Oliver do? Well, he put HBO’s Game of Thrones money to good use, that’s what! Meet Chiijohn, Chiitan’s “replacement”.

image via Last Week Tonight

With Chiitan’s absence, ChiiJohn is now Shinjou-kun’s new BFF. And yes, Susaki has now licensed ChiiJohn as an official mascot. But what about Chiitan the mascot? Well, she reacted in the most Chiitan way possible of course! In a tweet, she invited the British comedian to explode through a table.

image via Chiitan official Twitter Page

And yes, John Oliver has seen the tweet:

Now, I wonder how this will all turn out? Hmmmm….

And given how much money Last Week Tonight gets for its budget from HBO, we could only wonder…