Masashi Kishimoto is moving on from Naruto and is now working on a new series titled Samurai 8: Hachimaruden. He’s working on this new manga with his former assistant, Akira Ookubo, who is now the manga’s official artist. And now, Weeklu Shonen Jump has announced that they’re releasing a 4-page preview version of Samurai 8 before it even gets released. They also revealed a new teaser visual for the upcoming manga series:

The Preview version will include a color page within its 4-page release. It will be included in Shonen Jump’s combined 22nd and 23rd issues on 27th April. As for the main part of the first chapter itself, it will debut in a few weeks later, on 13th May inside the magazine’s 24th issue.

Samurai 8: Hachimaruden will be a completely new work. Kishimoto himself is pretty mum about the series, though he previously described it as a combination of his “love for Japanese culture and clothing” and science fiction.

Now, will it be as successful as Naruto? Only time will tell.

Source: Comic Natalie