The Kanda Myoujin shrine in Akihabara will be celebrating the first Kanda Festival for the Reiwa Era. Now, the shrine is known for collaborations with anime, particularly Love Live! and Sword Art Online. Recently, they announced that they are teaming up with BanG Dream! as well. However, that’s not the only anime celebrating the Kanda Matsuri this year, because My Hero Academia is on board as well!

Tokyo’s Myoujin Cafe will be holding a My Hero Academia collaboration cafe, along with the Kanda Myoujin shrine itself, starting 24th April. They will be selling special goodies from T-shirts, keychains, posters, and many more! They will also be selling special ema for the collab as well!

Kanda Shrine is a traditional shinto shrine in Akihabara. However, it has gained notoriety in the anime community for appearing in several anime. It is where Nozomi worked as a shrine maiden in Love Live!, as well as having huge connections to the story of Steins;Gate.

source: Comic Natalie