Broccoli’s Meiji Tokyo Renka romance visual novel is getting both a live-action film and a live-action series. And now, the staff for the live-action adaptations have revealed a brand new trailer, along with a new poster visual:

As we previously reported, seiyuu KENN, who voices Shunsou Hishida in the original visual novel, as well as the theme song performer for the TV anime, is also performing the film’s theme song. It is titled “Ichiya no Eien ni Kimi Omou“. Three of the original game’s seiyuu (who also worked on the TV anime) are also in the film. They are Daisuke Namikawa, Nobuhiko Okamoto, and Toshiyuki Morikawa. The trio will be voicing tsukumogami for the series. Namikawa will play Gramophone, Okamoto will play Fountain Pen, and Morikawa will play Pocket Watch. In the original game, as well as the anime film and TV anime, Namikawa voices Oogai Mori, Okamoto voices Kyouka Izumi, and Morikawa voices Charlie.

The TV series premiered last 9th April via various Japanese TV stations, as well as on the streaming service U-NEXT. As for the film, it will premiere sometime on 21st June, after the TV series finishes its broadcast run. The film will star:

  • Rikki Ihara as Mei Ayazuki
  • Yutaka Kobayashi as Charlie
  • Shuuto Miyazaka as Oogai Mori
  • Makaha Takahashi as Shunsou Hishida
  • Taiki Yamazaki as Otojirou Kawakami
  • Toman as Kyouka Izumi
  • Yuuki Kubota as Gorou Fujita
  • Tetsuya Iwanaga as Yakumo Koizumi
  • Shouta Matsushima as Tousuke Iwasaki

Broccoli first launched Meiji Tokyo Renka as a mobile game in 2011. It would then go on to become one of the most successful otome games ever. It first received an anime film in 2015, before getting its current TV anime this season.

The otome game follows ordinary high school student Mei Ayazuki, who one day gets transported to the Meiji period by a mysterious magician named Charlie. There, she meets plenty of historical figures… who somehow fall in love with her.

source: Nijimen