In the newest Lumica TVCM of the “What’s your color” series Masayoshi Oishi joins famous Odorites in the newest penlight battle video. This time the concept is using the penlights and cyalumes as swords and performing battles with them.

The song used in this video is for this year’s CYALUME DANCE WORLD BATTLE series titled IKAZUCHI, created by famous Shamisen unit, the Yoshida brothers with arragement by Tom-H@ck, who works with Oishi under the OxT unit. Here’s the PV!

Lumica is famous for their Daisenkou and Lumica Light series. In this third series of CM, they have invited anison singer songwriter Masayoshi Oishi. It’s rare to actually see him doing dancing like an Odottemita, and even in a traditional Japanese dress.

They even brought in famous Odorites all over Japan such as Penta Asibuto, Kamen Liar 217 and Miume from COJIRASE THE TRIP, Shibaken and Marin from Anatashia and the supervisor of the World Tournament Gear from GinyuforcE too!

You can even see a version featuring Masayoshi Oishi and Yoshida Brothers as well!

Source: Kai-you