40 years ago, Sunrise introduced an anime that would change the landscape of not just the animation industry, but plastic modeling. Its title was Mobile Suit Gundam, and now, the franchise has announced its 40th anniversary celebrations. This includes the official 40th anniversary logo:

First, the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra will be performing music from the original anime’s compilation trilogy. Titled Mobile Suit Gundam the Movie Cinema Concert, it will happen from 16th-17th August at the Tokyo Opera City venue in Shinjuku. Takayuki Hattori will be conducting the orchestra, as well as arranging its music.

And if you love Gundam music, Gundam theme songs will be performed during the GUNDAM 40th FES.”LIVE-BEYOND” concert event. They won’t just play music from the Universal Century, but also other other timelines as well. It will happen from 7th-8th September 2019 at the Makuhari Messe Event Hall in Chiba. They will reveal more details about both concerts soon.

As for the anime, they would be screening several series in immersive experiences like ULTIRA and 4DX. This is part of the GUNDAM “BEYOND the Cinema EXPERIENCE” TOUR, which will be screened in several theatres across Japan.

And if you’re a fan of Gundam 00 and 2.5D plays, you’re in luck! As part of the 40th anniversary, they’re also releasing the Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Regeneration by Destruction Re:Build 2.5D play for digital distribution. The recorded performance for the digital distribution will be the 24 February 2019 performance in Osaka. Several streaming services, including Amazon, Youtube, Gundam Fan Club, Bandai Channel, DMM, and dAnime Store are now distributing the play, but only until 7 May 2019.

There are also several collaborations for Gundam, with the latest one being with Hello Kitty. Expect them to reveal more projects soon enough.

Source: Animate Times