The “Toshio Suzuki and Ghibli” exhibition has now launched over at the Kanda Myojin shrine in Tokyo. And now, Japan Times has released two new videos which offer a look at the new exhibition. The first video features Toshio Suzuki himself demonstrating how the Yubaba and Zeniba fortune telling machines work. It also features Mari Natsuka, who voiced both Yubaba and Zeniba in the Academy Award-winning anime film.

Meanwhile, the second video offers a look at the exhibition’s beautiful Spirited Away diorama:

Kanda Myoujin’s Edocco culture hall is currently hosting the exhibition, which first launched in Hiroshima back in 2017. It will be there until 12th May 2019. The video features many artworks by Suzuki, including Spirited Away.

source: Japan Times