Kizuna Ai is one of the most popular characters in Japan today. In fact, she launched the Virtual YouTuber craze, which has become an internet sensation. No doubt, she has garnered fans from all over the world. And it seems that she has become so popular that Newsweek Japan has even named her one of their most respected Japanese people.

Newsweek recently named the “100 Japanese people who surprised the world” for their latest issue. The list include athletes, scholars, actors, writers, and fictional characters like Ai-chan. They also named Detective Conan mangaka, Gosho Aoyama, as one of these 100 people.

Kizuna Ai has plenty of foreign followers, and she has even a few international collaborations. Heck, Pwediepie has even mentioned her a few times. So congratulations Ai-chan!

Source: MoguLive