One Piece has its own YouTube show which transforms its characters into Virtual YouTubers, or V-Tubers. Luffy and Usopp hosted the show, and now, it looks like there are new hosts. As it turns out, Sanji and Nico Robin are now Virtual YouTubers as well! It also features Luffy and Zoro… and some motion capture shenanigans from the anime’s seiyuu!

Hiroaki Hirata (Sanji) and Yuriko Yamaguchi (Nico Robin) voiced their characters for the video, and even got into some motion capture suits to really become their characters. However, before the video began, they each voiced Zoro and Luffy respectively. They even switched characters for a while! Why? For fun I guess…

And it looked like they were having lots of fun too, as they just can’t stop laughing. This is actually the third episode already, with the first one featuring Luffy and Usopp. Here’s the second episode:

The videos are part of One Piece’s 20th anniversary celebrations.