Are you ready Southeast Asia? Because Animax Asia has announced that they will be holding a simulcast of One Punch Man 2 across the region!

The anime’s Facebook page announced that the second season will premiere on 10th April, Wednesday, 10:30PM (9:30PM JKT/BKK), on the same day as Japan! It will be part of their Animax Express simulcast.

Much of the cast from season one are also returning to reprise their roles. They include:

  • Makoto Furukawa as Saitama
  • Kaito Ishikawa as Genos
  • Yuuki Kaji as Speed-o’-Sound Sonic
  • Aoi Yuuki as Terrible Tornado
  • Kazuhiro Yamaji as Silverfang
  • Kenjiro Tsuda as Atomic Samurai
  • Minami Takayama as Child Emperor
  • Tesshou Genda as Metal Knight
  • Hiroki Yasumoto as King
  • Takahiro Sakurai as Zombieman
  • Youji Ueda as Drive Knight
  • Daisuke Namikawa as Pig God
  • Satoshi Hino as Superalloy Blackluster
  • Yuuji Ueda as Watchdog
  • Kousuke Toriumi as Flashy Flash
  • Katsuyuki Konishi as Tank-top Master
  • Wataru Hatano as Metal Bat
  • Masaya Onosaka as Puri-Puri Prisoner
  • Mamoru Miyano as Amai Mask
  • Saori Hayami as Hellish Blizzard
  • Yuuichi Nakamura as Mumen Rider

It will also introduce a new character named Garou, and Hikaru Midorikawa is voicing him. Expect the staff to reveal more details about One Punch Man Season 2 soon.

As for the new anime’s soundtrack, the official website also confirmed that JAM Project will also be returning. They will once again be performing the anime’s OP song, much like they did for the first season. Chikara Sakurai will be acting as the new director for this second season, replacing Shingo Natsume. Meanwhile, JC Staff will be One Punch Man’s new studio, replacing Madhouse.