There are some things that can be easily predicted and then there are things that you’ll never see it coming.

There have been rumors, not very good ones too, about the fate of Joker from Persona 5 in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate being delayed and whatnot. Well, fret no long. He’s finally coming tomorrow!

His Persona Arsene joins him, as well as his gang of Phantom Thieves for his Final Smash. His Mementos stage even changes color based on what song you use from Persona 3, 4 and 5! You can see him in all his glory here:

At the same time the Version 3.0 update will be online tomorrow as well! With the release of Version 3.0, the rumored Stage Builder will be available. In handheld mode you can easily customise by touching the screen. There will also be new stage elements not seen before made available.

There will also be a Video Editor mode. With this, you can import videos saved from this game and edit it on a timeline, and even share it online with the Shared Content mode. And what’s this Shared Content mode you say? Well you can upload AND download Mii Fighters and custom stages, and even follow creators of your liking.

You can check out the full update here:

Nintendo will also be introducing Smash World for the Nintendo Switch Online app where even if you don’t start the game, you can view stages and videos uploaded online, and even queue content to download onto your Switch.

Lastly, more Mii Fighters costumes will be made available as paid DLC based off character from Persona series and Sonic the Hedgehog, each costing around $0.75.

That’s a whole lot of content coming to Smash Bros tomorrow! Let’s play some online together tomorrow!