One thing I love about Japan is their ability to create items to help you in the most mundane of tasks. You’d think nothing gets more convenient than the status quo but they always seems to find something even more so.

Take for example: You’re drinking a bottle of water and you want to keep the bottle open for an extended period but you can’t seem to keep the cap in one place. If only there was a way to help that…ENTER PET BOTTLE CATS

Now you can get these adorable cats to help you hold your cap in place and solve your pet bottle cap problem! There will be 8 designs released and they all have names too! In order as seen above theres:

Theres adorable cats will be available in Gachapon machines for 300 yen starting this April 27th! If any of you are in Japan, help me grab a cat too? Pwetty pwease?

Source: SoraNews