Rumiko Takahashi, the mangaka behind classics like Urusei Yatsura, Ranma 1/2, and InuYasha, as well as Kyoukai no Rinne, is still going strong. And now, after finishing Rinne, the Hall of Fame mangaka is going back to work with her latest title, MAO.

Its story will be a “strange romance” between a “girl and boy who fatefully meet” and is set in a “land where two worlds intersect”. It will make its debut inside the pages of Weekly Shonen Sunday issue #23, which hits the stands on 8th May.

Takahashi has gotten plenty of awards through the years, including an induction at the Comic Book Hall of Fame and various lifetime achievement awards. Her list of works include Urusei Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku, Mermaid Saga, Rumic Theater, Ranma 1/2, One-Pound Gospel, Kyoukai no Rinne,and Inuyasha.

source: Comic Natalie