It was announced recently that Rifle is Beautiful will get betting an anime adaptation and the key visual has been revealed as well! Take a look:

Rifle is Beautiful was originally a 4-koma comic running in the Tonari no Young Jump magazine about girls who take part in beam rifle contests.

The staff would include Masanori Takahashi, who was the director of Inou Battle, the composition will be done by Tatsuya Takashi of Eromanga Sensei fame. The animation will be done by Studio 3Hz which did SAO Alternative.

The cast of the 4 main characters were revealed as well! And here they are:

Hikari Kokura: Machico
Izumi Shibusawa: Akane Kumada
Erika Meinohama: Saki Minami
Yukio Igarashi: Anna Yamaki

Hikari, voiced by Machico, is a girl who is easy to make friends with whose passion for Beam Rifles rivals none. Izumi, voiced by Akane Kumata, has an average skill level of shooting but is very good at taking care of her friends.

Erika, voiced by Saki Minami, is a girl gifted with looks and talents who, through willpower and guts works hard when it comes to shooting. Lastly Yukio, voiced by Anna Yamaki, is a girl with top class skills in shooting but is always quiet and expressionless.

This team of 4 will also be an “indie idol unit” who wants to spread the joy of beam rifling titled GO!GO!Riflling 4!!!! will also be performing a live soon.

Source: Animeanime