With the festivities of Gundam’s 40th anniversary and Hello Kitty’s 45th anniversary collding in a collaboration no one expected, it takes another turn with a Puzzle Solving game collaboration!

Gundam vs Hello Kitty will have two Puzzle Solving Games, Gundam Mobile War and Hello Kitty’s Puzzle Museum, both of these will begin on 18th July at the Tokyo Mystery Circus.

SCRAP is a company in Japan who worked on this project as one of many under the Gundam vs Hello Kitty banner of projects. For Gundam with Gundam Mobile War and Hello Kitty with Hello Kitty’s Puzzle Musuem, for every winner in the respective games will add to the final score of Gundam vs Hello Kitty. If you want to support your favourite franchise, go down and challenge!

You can check out the Tokyo Mystery Circus website for more details too!

Source: Sunrise