Ding ding ding!! It was just announced that Seiyuu Suzuko Mimori and Pro-Wrestler Kazuchika Okada has tied the knot! They have been seeing each other since January 2018. Mimori is said to be a well known fan of Pro-Wrestling.

Here are the comments from Mimori:

It is a personal affairs but I’d like to announce that I have tied the knot with Kazuchika Okada from New Japan Pro Wrestling.

I’m still inexperienced as a person but I’d do my best to be a cheery, warm and fun family member just like my mother.

Of course, I will still be active in my duties as a performer as Suzuko Mimori and will do my best to aim for my goals.

Thank you so much for supporting me everyone.

Suzuko Mimori

And here are the comments from Kazuchika Okada:

This is personal affairs but I have just tied the knot with Suzuko Mimori, whom I have been seeing for months.

As Rainmaker I will work with Mimori and do my best to make it “rain happiness” with my family.

I will also continue to make it rain in the Pro-Wrestling industry. Please continue supporting me.

Kazuchika Okada

I’m personally a huge wrestling fan, and have work with Mimori san at C3 AFA 2018 last year. These are two hardworking people in their respective industries striving to be the best in their region of work.

I’m very glad to see the two of them tie the knot with each other and hope for endless happiness to the both of them. Once again, congratulations to Suzuko Mimori and Kazuchika Okada!

Source: Mimori Line Blog and Kazuchika Okada Twitter