If you haven’t heard already, Hayao Miyazaki came out of retirement to work on a new film titled “How Do You Live?”. However, it seems that Studio Ghibli is understaffed right now, and is looking for more people to work for them. Yes folks, Studio Ghibli’s official website has announced that they are hiring!

Specifically, they are looking for several experienced digital painters who know how to use the 2-D animation software OpenToonz or RETAS, as well as the image-editing software Photoshop. And from the looks of things, foreigners are invited to apply! Applicants must be at least 20 years old and must be able to live in Japan by 31st May. Foreign applicants must also be proficient in Japanese, which gave off the idea that the job is open to foreigners as well.

Accepted applicants will be working on a “new film” (Gee, I wonder what that film will be?) starting 1st October. The contract is set for 18 months, so it’s not a permanent job, but the perk is that putting “worked in Studio Ghibli under Hayao Miyazaki” would look great on any animation-related resume.

The application deadline is until 14th June, so plenty of time to get your resumes straightened out guys!

source: Sora News 24