After announcing details on the Sailor Moon 4D attraction, as well as the Detective Conan and Lupin III attractions, Universal Studios Japan has revealed more details on their other Cool Japan attractions. Specifically, they’re revealing more details on Godzilla vs. Evangelion and Attack on Titan.

For Attack on Titan, the park will be showing an original animation featuring the Survey Corps. In the story, they will be trying to retake Wall Maria while also fending off attacks from various titans. And while they are showing this new anime, Survey Corps members will be flying around the venue. They will also display those “Cronoid” statues of Levi and Eren as well.

As for the other gigantic attraction, Evangelion vs. Godzilla will be a 4D film, much like Sailor Moon. Its story is set in Shin-Osaka City III, where Eva 01 will clash with the King of Monsters. It will blend 3D animation with special effects, so audiences will feel the gigantic clash as it screens.

These two new attractions will be going live inside the theme park along with Sailor Moon on 11th April. As for the others, Detective Conan has three attractions, with “Detective Conan The Escape”, a park-wide game called “Detective Conan Mystery Challenge”, and the Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant, which offers a mystery for diners to solve as they are dining. As for the Escape Room, park-goers need to urchase a separate ticket in order to play. Meanwhile, Lupin III’s attraction is a car chase XR ride which will feature Lupin and the gang trying to escape Detective Zenigata in a high-speed chase. And much like Conan, Lupin also has his own restaurant called “Lupin III Ristorante Amore”.

But if you’re a bit time and/or cash-strapped to go to Japan, why not drop by Universal Studios Singapore instead? The are adding the Super Nintendo World based on Mario, as well as the Minon Park based on Despicable me. Details here:

Source: Comic Natalie