Violet Evergarden is returning, and this time, she’s starring in her own anime film! And now, Kyoto Animation has released a brand new trailer for the film officially titled Violet Evergarden the Movie. They also unveiled a brand new key visual as well. Both reveal the film’s 10 January 2020 release.

Meanwhile on Twitter, the anime’s director, Taichi Ishidate, released an official statement:

In that statement, Director Ishidate says that he has been writing the story of Violet with many people to make it a work that many are satisfied with. He is making a story which can make Violet herself happy, and he’s glad to say that he’s been working on it everyday. He says the film would have a straight and beautiful story, much like Violet’s letters. Finally, he added that though the film is still ways off, he asks audiences to look forward to it.