The Monster Hunter franchise has been quite infamous for making players go hungry with their unique food items. They would often make people wonder how a certain dish from the franchise tastes like, as they really look good in-game. But now, it seems that we might get the next best thing in the real world. This is because Monster Hunter is releasing its own cook book!

As they always say, never mess with a good book, especially a cook book. Its official title is “Monster Hunter Meal Recipe Book” (Monhan Meshi Recipe Book), and comes with 29 recipes. These include classics like roasted meat on a bone and the Chef’s Choice Platter. It will have five categories, and they are meat, fish, vegetables, rice, and dessert.

Pasela Resorts, which also runs the official Monster Hunter bar, Hunter’s Bar, supervides the recipes. Wani Books publishes them, and each one costs 1,620 yen. The book is already available for purchase.

source: Wani Books Official