Mars Japan, popular for their Snickers chocolate bars, has collaborated with popular mobile application game THE [email protected] Million Live! Theater Days and Kazuo Umezu in what is seems like a collaboration that came out of nowhere, titled #BringBackTheIdols (originally #アイドルを取り戻せ). I’ll skip the explanation and just show you the image:

For this campaign, #BringBackTheIdols, it portrays what happens when the Milishita girls become hungry and lose their looks. Using Snickers, they can return to their original looks.

Here’s how you can return them to their original looks:

First you have to purchase a Snickers Peanuts or Snickers Adult Bitter. Once you do, post a picture on Twitter with the Snickers logo facing up and with the hashtags #アイドルを取り戻せ and the hashtag of the idol of your choice (example: #最上静香), and make sure to add @sni_rep to the tweet as well.

You don’t want them to starve do you?

Perhaps you may even receive a reply from the idol you prayed for or for a unit member! Once their stomachs are full, and they return to their original looks, you can watch a special MV on the Snickers website. Also in game, you can use the special Snickers training costume as well.

What are you waiting for!! Check the Snickers website to see how you can save them.