Right now, Virtual YouTubers, or V-Tubers for short, are extremely popular. Kizuna Ai, Kaguya Luna, and many others are very popular right now, with millions of followers on YouTube. And now, Yoyogi Animation Academy has announced that they’re adding 13 new courses next year, and one of them is called the “YouTube Course”. And of course, this is all about being a V-Tuber.

In the first year of the course, students will learn about editing programs, organising streams, and even how to pitch ideas. However, things get a bit more physical for the second year, as they’re adding singing, dancing, and oratory skills. The second year of the course will also teach students how to actually carry themselves when doing a YouTube stream. In other words, first year is all about the technical stuff, while in the second year, it’s about being the performer.

With more and more people being interested about V-Tubers, the school decided to implement the new course. One representative also said that they’re teaching skills that are the foundations for voice acting. Students who can communicate properly, much like seiyuu, can properly produce their own works, at the same time, connect with their audience.

Of course, this would be great for people who want to produce their own work. However, you would also have to get your own equipment. 3D animation software such as Unity 3D or iClone Motion Live are essential, though there are some optional equipment such as motion capture systems which would make things better. And yes, that’s where the singing and dancing comes alone. Sometimes, just talking to the audience and streaming games ain’t enough anymore, huh?

The Yoyogi Animation Academy will be revealing more details about the course soon enough. They’re currently offering a variety of other courses, such as manga, animation, and anime background design.

source: Livedoor News