Aimer released two albums on 10th April, Sun Dance and Penny Rain. The second interview focuses on the album with the theme of Rain, Penny Rain. This is the last part in this interview.

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Cherish the origin while continuing to challenge

How was the recording for April Showers?

With ballads that has few notes, you have to be very cautious. Just by lowering your volume and singing quietly you can make a great song. That’s good in itself but that’s how I want to challenge it. In particular I speak up during the chorus and sing in a style I can sing currently. I wanted dynamics in my voice, and at the same time I’m also able to keep my tone and resonation too. I wanted you to listen to that.

Your voice felt very bare in the last chorus.

Yes. I felt very stark naked there. Therefore I really felt my voice directly reached the listener. For me I wanted to cherish my origins while at the same continuing to challenge myself. In other words, I cherish the ballads I’ve sang until now, and also broaden the way I express myelf in them as a singer going forward.

When I listened to April Showers I felt that your ability to express yourself in ballads is getting better.

Oh! I’m glad to hear that. Perhaps if there’s people who liked the Aimer who sang songs of the night, they wanted to hear a more quieter singing voice. On the other hand, it’s very easy to sing a ‘thin’ song. If you lower your voice and sing as if you’re whispering with the band backing you, you can sing as calm and mild as you want. I’m glad if you like that tone of singing but that’s not my vocal approach currently.

I see.

The point is to establish myself as a pop singer, and challenge with dynamics yet having musical basis in my songs. That’s why when my songs are more outwardly open that I am able to release the Sun album and reach this kind of vocal approach. In that sense, it’s contrasting the me then and the me now.

Your existing songs are being updated with the current you. For example, I beg you was a very innovative song you have recorded.

I’m really glad to be received in such a way. In me, there are various contrasts with Rain and Sun, like contrasting my weak and strong parts, the contrast between my world and the world I share with everyone, and in a sense, my origin and my challenge. Therefore in making this symbolic album, whether I’m going to continue opening or closing, even I don’t know. I’d appreciate if you watch over me while I head forwards.

I couldn’t make this without everyone.

You said before in a previous interview, whether it’s a single or album, when you finish the product you’d listen to it over and over again. Is it true for this time as well?

Yes, I’d listen so many times until I have no idea what’s going on. Just before completion, I’ve already heard it many times during mastering. And I’ve heard the singles many times during the creation. However I remember when I first listened to the newly recorded songs and was thinking of the order, I was very excited. Especially for Sun Dance, where it was a new challenge featuring the dance pop songs as the core of the album. I was very glad it became very conceptual.

For Penny Rain?

I was actually not worried for it at all. It had mostly songs from the Single, so it’s similar to the best album. Everyone probably loves this Aimer anways. Therefore, for who love the Rain, they should listen to the Sun. And for those who love the Sun…there’s people who are fans from that era??

There are. The origins are from ONE, many people were excited for it during the lives, and Koi Wazurai is a spiritual sequel to Kataomoi as well.

That’s right. Then I’ll wait. Depending on the reception of the album, I may change going forward. If Sun Dance isn’t popular at all “I’ll just return to the world of Rain.”


I don’t think that’ll happen of course (laughs). As my first big step, I’ll sing what I want to sing but I’ll always listen to the people who hear my songs. I had some conflicting thoughts when making the Sun album. Along the lines of “this isn’t The Aimer people want to see, but is it okay?”. Overcoming that and I’d like to say again, Sun Dance was made entirely by agehasprings and I feel like it is very interesting as a Pop song made musically.

If Sun Dance was all made by agehasprings, then the majority of Penny Rain is mostly with collaborators. Kajiura with 3 songs, along with Cocco, TK and Sawano with one song each.

Yes. Everything is unique, there’s heavy rain and gentle showers, you could even say different size of raindrops. Listening to it if you should be able to go back to the way back then. I’m glad for the people who have worked with me. Especially the fans. Without them, I wouldn’t be album to make such an album like this. I had them in mind in making this album so I hope that they will reach you all.

After the release of Sun Dance and Penny Rain, you have your Asia tour in June. But you have already did a tour in Japan around the Sun and Rain.

Yes. It’s usually the reverse, you make the album and then go on tour. Therefore for the final stop in Tokyo, I’m still thinking on what I should do for that (laughs).

The soleil et pluie tour was very interesting.

I’m glad. I was worrying a lot when making that tour. But in opening that lid everyone was very glad. Over there, I really put in effort to cherish my origins while continuing to challenge so from here onwards I will not forget my “origin and challenge” and continue to sing.

Source: Natalie