The dazzling dance music led by the “Sun”

Aimer has released two new albums on 10th April, Sun Dance and Penny Rain.

Following her hall tour that recently concluded Aimer Hall Tour 18/19 “soleil et pluie”, she worked on two albums with following those keywords with Sun Dance being the Sun (soleil) and Penny Rain being the Rain (pluie). Featuring many bright songs with a dance ensemble is Sun Dance, and Penny Rain features many deep songs with some darkness within them. Two albums with entirely contrasting themes.

The first of two interviews is Aimer’s Sun Dance, originally posted on Natalie. This is the last part.

The brightest song in the Sun album

The next song, Sun Dance, is also by Rui Momota. It’s a medium tempo rock number that feels like a West Coast Sound.

When I was thinking about how to end off this album, I felt that a song crowned with the album’s title would be good. In doing so, you’ll remember this song. We had the demo of the song before the creation of this album but when we added Sun Dance to the chorus, it fit perfectly. That’s why I really liked this song in particular.

When you think of SUN DANCE, you’d normally think of the Sundance Film Festival. It is the American indies film festival taking place every year.

Yes, that’s right! Sun Dance and Penny Rain are actually names based off of locations. For Penny Rain however, it is based off of Liverpool’s Penny Lane, famous for The Beatles, except changing the Lane to Rain. For Sun Dance as you have mentioned, it is based off the American film festival in Utah, and also a place in Wyoming also named Sundance. When I looked it up, Sundance is a Native American ritual where they speak with nature. Therefore, this word has a positive meaning almost like a symbol to me, and it is reflected in the lyrics as well.

And just like you have said, the album cover doesn’t even have a single shadow In it.

SUN DANCE is the brightest song in the album. It is also a declaration of how I want to move forward from here. The other tracks, while they are bright, may have some shadows in it. Putting too much emotion into the vocals may make it feel like I’m preaching, or in a sense make it sound too unnatural so I sang it as rough as I can.

The person who once only sang songs of the night, even she now goes under the sun.

If you heard my older songs you’d be really surprised. However, I learnt a lot while making this album, and in order for me to broaden my potential, I feel that it was important to make this kind of album. As a singer who sings pop dance music, as a lyrics writer facing this it was really fun. My feelings in wanting to sing this type of song became more sure after making this album. I managed to get there thanks to everyone who supported me.

Start with ONE, end with ONE

It’s amazing how you and the producers at agehasprings manage to shake it off.

I’m very glad. This album itself as I have mentioned earlier is based off the 80s music production style, and while I haven’t got to performing these dancing pop songs until now, when I reached the roots of my music, I felt that it is important that I was able to express myself like this. Therefore more so than ever, I feel strongly that I want to be this kind of singer that can sing songs that feel like music.

Songs that feel like music?

Hmm…when I was recording We Two for example, I was worried if I should sing it without hesitation. How should I follow the melody? How I follow the melody may give life or kill the song. I discoursed with Tamai san during recording and realised. It is important that you produce the melody line yourself, and that you have a good musical basis.

Or to put it in another way, not to sing the song at its surface?

Correct. Don’t get close to the song but riding on it or feeling it. I feel that it is necessary to digest the Soul or R&B of the past before singing and to keep singing in a way that  you can see these roots.

That was a wonderful way of  summarizing it but, can we hear your comments of ONE -epilogue-?

Of course, we still have one last song (laughs).

ONE -epilogue- wasn’t just an arrange of the original song, but you re-recorded the vocals correct?

Yes. I thought of ending the album off with SUN DANCE, and it is a good way, but ONE was the most memorable song to me. As I said earlier, the origin of the Sun was taking a step up from zero. Therefore, for the story of the Sun in Sun Dance that began with ONE, we made an epilogue version so it also ends with ONE.

In omitting some of the lyrics in it, you pull out some of the dance elements in the song.

That’s right. In order for the epilogue to be not too alluring, we made it more simple than the original. The arrange is a little sad, but I wanted to add a feeling which makes everyone want to sing along. I want the ending to be very solemn, similar to the feeling of loneliness when a story has ended.

And with that, you go back to the beginning of ONE. In a sense you’d want to go for the second round.

That’s a wonderful way of saying. However, you can also go into Penny Rain from there too.

And as Aimer has mentioned, we will be releasing the Interview for Penny Rain next week, please check out!