Yet another Capcom classic is making it’s way to the Nintendo Switch! This morning it was just announced that following the Resident Evil games, Devil May Cry will be making it’s way there as well!

Mind you when I say Devil May Cry is coming to the Nintendo Switch, this is only the first game in the series unfortunately. Regardless, it is great to see Devil May Cry finally making it’s way to the Switch, following Bayonetta a few years ago.

Originally released in 2001, it follows our famous Devil Hunter Dante in a game where you show how cool, and how stylish you can take demons down. He is threatened by the demon lord Mundus who is set to take over the world. Using his Devil Trigger to transform himself to a demon, this game set the stage for many action adventure games to come. The franchise has sold almost 20 million copies worldwide.

The game will be released sometime around Summer this year, so keep your eyes open. No price has been confirmed yet but it is said that the game will only have a digital release at the moment. I’m assuming that if sales of this game does well, we’ll hopefully be seeing even more DMC games on the Switch down the road? Only time will tell.

I’m just glad to be honest, that the Switch is turning out to be a portable PlayStation 2 that I always wanted. Now if we just can get Metal Gear Solid 3 on this i’ll be good