The new Linked Horizon single, Shinjitsu e no Shingeki, will include the new song, “13 no Fuyu”. Now, that latter song will be a bit special, as it will be having a female vocalist. And now, Linked Horizon has revealed that the female singer in question is none other than Mikasa Ackerman herself, Yui Ishikawa.

They previously released a part of the “13 no Fuyu” song as a teaser back in 1st April, and many fans were surprised by the female vocalist. And now, we know that it’s Yui Ishikawa. And given that Linked Horizon has some very strong ties with the Attack on Titan franchise, it’s hardly surprising.

The song will be released on 19 June 2019 along with Linked Horizon’s fourth single, “Shinjitsu no Shingeki”. Japanese video streaming website GYAO! will be exclusively streaming a PV of the song’s music video on Monday.