Actress, singer, and former AKB48 idol Rina Kawaei announced that she is now married, and is also pregnant. She also revealed that her husband is none other than actor Tomoki Hirose, who she starred with in the romantic drama, Karephone.

The former AKB48 A-Team member revealed that she and the 32-year old actor have been dating for six months now, and they’re expecting their first child by the end of the year. She also says that they’ll be submitting their marriage registration “soon”. As for her work, the actress and singer says that she will try to work as long as her physical condition permits it, given that she’s now pregnant.

Anime fans might also know Kawaei for her voice acting work. Her most recent anime was Pokemon the Movie: The Power of Us, where she voiced Risa. As for her husband, he plays Uguisu Maru in the live-action Touken Ranbu film and stage plays. He also starred in the 2.5D stage adaptations of Yowamushi Pedal and Ace of Diamond.

We wish the happy couple good luck in their marriage, and congratulations!

Source: Livedoor News