Legendary anime director, Mamoru Oshii is back with a new anime next year! Japanese clean energy producer, Ichigo, has revealed that the Ghost in the Shell director will be creating a new animated series next year. In fact, he will be the chief director, as well as the scriptwriter. He will also be responsible for the new anime’s original story.

This new work is slated for early summer 2020, and will be both broadcast across various networks, as well as streamed by various services. It seems that this new series is a long time coming, as Oshii himself has been developing it for a decade now.

Ichigo Animation, a subsidiary which Ichigo established, will be producing the new series, with Ichigo as its sole investor. The subsidiary itself is part of the parent company’s long-term Ichigo 30 initiative to invest in animation ventures to promote its Akiba Cultures Zone. So far, they have not revealed the new anime’s title and story yet.

source: Anime! Anime!