Monster Curry has been delighting its customers with its umami-laden demi-glace curry since 2012. From 18 May 2019 to 15 July 2019, the Japanese Curry specialist will welcome the formidable Godzilla: King of the Monsters in the form of an exclusive new menu at its outlets!

As part of this special collaboration, we here at So! Japan was fortunately invited to check out the very special menu before it has been made available to fans around Singapore!

Two types of curries were made available for this occasion, using unique combinations of their signature toppings. These are the Godzilla Combo Curry and the Godzilla Katsu Curry.

The smaller Godzilla Katsu Curry ($14.80) uses the Japanese demi-glace curry as it’s base with two of the restaurant’s most popular toppings: Pork Katsu and Takoyaki. The bigger Godzilla Combo Curry ($28.80) however, is a massive smorgasbord of the restaurant’s favorites on a plate: Pork Katsu, crispy shrimp Tempura, Tori Karaage and Premium Beef Steak. Adding traditional Japanese pickled radish and the store’s signature demi-glace sauce, it is not something to be missed!

I love how the rice was shaped into a Godzilla, and that it is firing the spice out from its mouth like a beam! Talk about sticking to source material huh? The topping were also arranged in such a way that they kind of resemble Godzilla’s back-fins you’d see in the more recent incarnations.

I personally like the Katsu Curry one as it had some of my favorite toppings from the restaurant and I could finish it. If you’re coming with friends I’d highly recommend the Combo Curry one since it needs at least two people to finish!

Two desserts were also available to try out: Godzilla Volcano Honey Toast and the Godzilla Shiquasa Fizz. First off the Godzilla Volcano Honey Toast ($12.80) comprises of large cubes of crispy bread slathered with honey and butter, topped with mixed berry sauce, fresh strawberries and blueberries, with a scoop of Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream on top. Godzilla perches on top of this volcano in the form of A specially designed dark chocolate snack.

The Godzilla Shiquasa Fizz ($7.20) however, is a refreshing drink made with Shiquasa lime grown in Okinawa, Japan. The fruit is said to be the secret of longevity and good health to Okinawans, known to live very long. This lime juice is topped with whipped cream and is a perfect combination to the mains.

I love sweet food, so it is no surprised I enjoyed both of these desserts! I’ve never been to Okinawa before but the Shiquasa juice was really delicious. I may have ordered a second heaping of that just because of how amazing it was. The Honey Toast however? HEAD OVER HEELS. I’m in love. I already had portions of the curries before that so I was unable to finish it but, I’ll make a trip to Monster Curry in my private time as I love sweet stuff. I need more of this!!

There are also plenty of items made available to fans for purchase if you’re a hardcore Godzilla fan. Items such as T-shirts (from $23.00), Keyrings ($4.50), Coasters ($6.00 for a 4-set) Monster Curry Plates ($58.00) and Menko Cards were available. Menko cards are traditional Japanese card game featuring pop culture images. 29 designs were made with Monster Curry for every purchase of the Godzilla Monster Curry Plate so grab yours today!

And last but not least, Godzilla itself will be there in the form of a 1.8 metre tall mascot specially brought from Japan! You can meet and greet Godzilla at 6 different locations from 23rd May onwards so do go down and snap a pic with Godzilla! I already took mine, so share yours as well!

Check out the Godzilla: King of the Monsters collaboration with Monster Curry today!