Canadian wrestler Kenny Omega is well-known as an avid fan of Japanese culture. He worked 10 years in Japan in many different Japanese wrestling companies across the whole country as well. While being accomplished as a wrestler, he holds his own inside the gaming circle as a competitor in Street Fighter V as well, appearing last year at GameStart too.

Recently on Saturday, he performed his first match under the new All Elite Wrestling brand (AEW)’s first event titled Double or Nothing. Throughout his wrestling career he has dressed up as all sorts of characters from videogames an anime alike and this time around, he has went for something really mainstream that I’m sure many people would know.

First of all here’s Kenny’s costume.

While he may be slightly bulkier compared to the original, you can clearly tell this was inspired from Kirito of the Sword Art Online series. His right arm is replaced with a wing on his back however, calling back to his nickname as the One-Winged Angel ala Sephiroth.

While he is not as well-known as his opponent in the match Chris Jericho (formerly of WWE) he has been slowly gaining ground in the mainstream audience with his unique personality and basically someone who’s an otaku. Having cosplayed as characters from Destiny, Final Fantasy 7 and Undertale, I wonder what anime costume will he next??

Source: Twitter