The yearly Shizuoka Hobby Show is taking place currently this week and this year is the 58th iteration of the series. Here’s some of the biggest announcements that happened over the past two days!

Brave Series

The famous Sunrise Brave Series spawning popular robot series such as The Brave Express Might Gaine and The King of Braves GaoGaiGar will be getting official plastic models! As you have seen before the Cross Frame GaoGaiGar can be seen in the photo below too. Maybe we’ll get other Cross Frame ones along with the GaoGaiGar in the future ?

Currently, J-Decker, Deckguard and Brave Exkaiser will be getting releases in the near future!

Megaman X Max Armor

The next in line for the Megaman X series of plastic model will be the Max Armor variant! You’d have to wait for the Wonder Festival Summer event for the next one in the series.

Alice Gear Aegis

Three new characters from the Alice Gear Aegis series will be making their way into plastic model forms as the next set of collaboration under the Megami Device series. You can expect to see Ayaka Ichijo, Kaede Agatsuma (Kaiden) and Sitara Kaneshiya making their way into the series.

Frame Arms Girl

Last and certainly not the least, while we may not be getting many new FA Girl releases down the line, we will be seeing Stylet joining the Frame Arms Girl Hand Scale line.

While we have no other regular scaled FA Girl coming, we will have this however. Ever wanted to dress up your FA Girl or Megami Device as if they were in the sand? Well, if you get the side mantle and crash mantle, now you can! I will be getting my hand son this for sure!

Which of these peaks your fancy? Share your comments below!

Source: Dengeki Hobby