As we previously reported, Leonardo diCaprio is producing a live-action film adaptation of the classic manga/anime film, Akira. It will also have Thor: Ragnarok director, Taika Waititi at the helm of the project as director. And now, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that the film will premiere on 21st May 2021.

Waititi previously said that he plans to adapt Katsuhiro Otomo’s original manga, as opposed to the anime film itself.

The filming will take place in California. And because of its filming location, it will receive receive a $18.5 million tax credit from California. This is part of the state’s Film & TV Tax Credit Program 2.0, and Akira is getting the largest amount of money from that program out of all the recipients.

With a producer and director already announced, as well as the planned release date, it won’t be long until we hear some casting news. So stay tuned for more details about the live-action Akira film.