As many of us all know, social media can be very toxic. And as expected, many people seem to like being toxic towards celebrities. One of them is seiyuu Nao Touyama, who has been dealing with trolls in her official website for years. But now, it seems that she has had enough.

Her official website has announced that it will start blocking accounts that have too many replies at once, post indecent comments, threaten Nao Touyama herself, and of course, show stalker-like behaviour.

The announcement comes when a twitter page known as Keima Kuri posted several replies on the seiyuu’s social media account. This includes seven tweet replies which have since been deleted after the account was suspended. To put it simply, the Keima Kuri twitter account posted some pretty creepy stuff, saying that he and Nao Touyama went on a date and will get married soon. He also said that they will be holding the ceremony at a toilet in a university in Japan. The seiyuu’s staff then informed Keima Kuri that they will be blocking him, and to this, the account sent around 4,000 tweet replies instead.

On the other hand, fans were very supportive of the decision to block all the trolls and stalkers. Many replied with supportive messages and even thanked the staff for their actions.

Sources: Nao Touyama’s official website and Twitter page