Missed out on this morning’s PlayStation State of Play announcements? We’ve got you covered! Here are some of the biggest highlights from this morning’s State of Play!

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

An entirely new trailer for Monster Hunter World’s first huge expansion, Iceborne, has been revealed! Two new monsters, the Banbaro and the Beetodus were revealed along with the return of fan favorite Nargacuga!

The flagship monster, an ice elder dragon, Velkhana was shown as well. Did I just hear Tigrex at the end though…?

Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne expansion releases September 6th 2019.


A 4 player couch co-op hack and slash voxel game from Cococumber was revealed for the PS4! You can even play with the new crossover skins from characters all of the indie game scene such as Bastion, Guacamelee and Shovel Knight.

Riverbond releases this summer.


Sir Daniel Fortesque returns to the PlayStation with this updated remake of the original! It feels very much like the classic so I’m glad they’re sticking with the good old style for this.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

And last but not least the latest trailer from Final Fantasy VII Remake. I’ll leave you to watch the trailer.

What did you guys enjoy the most out of this mornings State of Play? I personally like the Iceborne teaser alot! Share your comments below!