Nao Touyama just received a new award, but it’s not for her work as a seiyuu. But this award is pretty big, as the Japanese Red Cross Society have awarded her with the Golden Achievement Award for her charity work in helping areas recovering from the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The seiyuu’s birthday falls on 15th May, the same day as the anniversary of the earthquake. But instead of holding a party, she used the date to raise awareness of the plight of the victims who are still suffering its effects to this day. She sold wristbands and then donated the profits to the Red Cross, and is even selling charity bags to help out the earthquake victims. You can help support her cause here:

The seiyuu recently made headlines after announcing that she’s blocking online harassers from her twitter page and official website. But even if she has been tough on trolls, she still shows everyone how much of a kind heart she really is.