KINGDOM, not the hit Netflix TV drama, but the 55 volume long manga series that have sold over 38 million copies is coming to the big screen. And we have managed to catch a media preview on invitation from MM2 entertainment.

The movie is a live-action adaptation, featuring Kento Yamazaki as Shin, the current favourite among the Japanese entertainment scene.

In the movie, Shin is a hot-headed main character, with almost no traces of intelligence and portrayed as a brute in both the 2011 anime adaptation as well as for this live-action movie. I pitied the sound engineer and director hired to work on this film, as all background audio and design are easily forgotten whenever Shin talks or more precisely shouts.

Setting the mood of the movie with Kento trying his best to appear as unintelligent as possible, surely a departure from his usual roles in titles like “Minato Shindō(Good Doctor)”, “L(Death Note)”, “Kōsei Arima(Your Lie in April)” etc… … You get the idea.

Don’t expect Giko(Takashi Ukaji) to do any crunches in the movie. Right – Shōbun-kun(Masahiro Takashima)

Yet the story would be severely incomplete without Kento’s over the top performance padding the often sleepy-looking King Ei-sei(Ryo Yoshizawa), and his band of loyal retainers led by Shōbun-kun(Masahiro Takashima).

Interestingly, the show features only 3 female characters. The nameless wife of the village chief, Karyouten (Kana Hashimoto) and the Mountian King, Youtanwa (Masami Nagasawa). And it was the ladies’ that stole the show,

*Spoiler* How can she be so cute, must be a male! Maybe not?

Kana Hashimoto adds the much-needed can of emotions into the movie via her acting, making Karyouten likeable enough to render a certain reaction during one of the many flashbacks.

Not her final form!

Masami Nagasawa’s Youtanwa despite not have many lines after her great revelation, possesses the coolest action scene paired with the fanciest costumes in the movie. Her excellent acting also outshines most of the male casts, putting their already monotonous acting to shame.

Overall the movie is a good watch if you would are into the manga series, but do lower your expectations as it will be in no way near the levels of the many recent Hollywood releases like an example, John Wick.

General Ouki, the most OP guy in the movie, aka King Maker.

Btw try not to let the creepy generals and side characters scare you, they can appear rather intimidating especially General Ouki.

Overall Rating


The movie would be having its Gala premiere in Singapore on the 27th of May at The Cathay. On the same day, Kento Yamazaki would also be making an appearance at the Marina Bay Sands for a Press Conference. If you would like a chance to take part, find out more here!

Movie Details

English Title: Kingdom
Chinese Title: 王者天下
Director: Shinsuke Sato 佐藤信介
Cast: Kento Yamazaki 山崎賢人
Ryo Yoshizawa 吉沢亮
Nagasawa Masami 長澤雅美
Kanna Hashimoto 橋本環奈
Kanata Hongo 本郷奏多
Release Date: 20th June 2019
Running Time: 134 min
Rating: To Be Advised
Genre: Action Adventure
Language: Japanese (English and Chinese Subtitles)
Distributed by: mm2 Entertainment & Cathay Cineplexes


Set in the Qin Dynasty during the warring states period in ancient China, Shin is a war orphan who dreams of becoming the greatest general under the heaven.
One day, he has a fateful encounter with a young man Eisei, the true heir to the Qin kingdom throne. Together, they seek to reclaim Eisei’s throne and unite the Warring States under a single banner.

KINGDOM is the live-action adaptation of the manga series of the same name