Marugame Castle boasts one of the tallest stone walls of any Japanese castle. Now, its famous walls are undergoing some reconstruction after heavy rainfall last year damaged it. But as reconstruction goes on, the castle staff also announced that they will be displaying a sword that Touken Ranbu fans might know all too well… Nikkari Aoe!

Touken Ranbu is showing support for the castle’s reconstruction efforts by releasing the new illustration above. In addition, Nitroplus, one of the companies behind Touken Ranbu, will be selling A-4-size clear files featuring the illustration at Marugame Castle’s event space. They will then be giving all the proceeds to the castle’s reconstruction efforts.

The castle’s website says that they aim to finish the reconstruction by 2023.

The Marugame Kyougoku clan owned the Nikkari Aoe, and is one of Japan’s most fampus swords. And as expected of famous Japanese swords, it got turned into a Touken Ranbu swordboy.

source: Nijimen