Tokyo Ghoul S film is the much-anticipated sequel to the original live-action Tokyo Ghoul film. And now, two months before its long-awaited July premiere, Shochiku has released the opening for the film. This means the video is the first two minutes of Tokyo Ghoul S.

The opening introduces us to a new character named Margaret. She is a fashion model, and is played by real-life fashion model, Maggy, who is making her acting debut for the movie. In the film, she is one of Shu Tsukiyama (played by Shouta Matsuda)’s targets. It also shows us a few highlights from the first film as well.

Tokyo Ghoul 2 will have its Japanese premiere on 19 July 2019. Unfortunately, they still haven’t confirmed any international release as of yet. The first film made its premiere during last year’s Anime Expo 2017 event before making its Japanese premiere. They also screened the film in Southeast Asia, including right here in Singapore! It will once again star Masataka Kubota as Ken Kaneki, with Maika Yamamoto as the new Tohka.