The We Never Learn: Bokuben TV anime is currently airing, and is one of the more popular harem shows this season. And from the looks of things, an OVA for the series has also been Green-lit.

Amazon Japan recently listed the pre-orders for the Bokuben manga’s Vol. 14 limited edition release. That very listing reveals the fact that the anime adaptation will be having an OVA, and they will be releasing it as part of the limited edition release of Vol. 14.

The Limited Edition Manga + OVA bundle will cost 4,444 yen (plus tax) and will include both the manga and a 25-minute episode in Blu-ray disc format. It will also include a special promo card for the Precious Memories trading card game. The card itself will feature a panel illustrated by mangaka Taishi Tsutsui. They will release the bundle on 1st November.

source: Amazon Japan