The upcoming TV anime Would you love perverts if they are cute? latest PV has bee revealed. At the same time, the performers in charge of the Opening and Ending has been revealed. Also the key visual with main characters Otori Koharu and Ayano Fujimoto was shown as well.

Keiki Kiryu, who never had a girlfriend in his live is overjoyed when he suddenly receives a love letter. There was no sender name, but there was a pure white underwear included in the mail. Who could be the Cinderella who lost her pantsu…? With riddles over riddles, and even perverts joining the fray, this is an all new style of love-comedy anime.

In this new PV, the daughter of the school’s president Koharu Otori and the Vice-President of the student council Ayano Fujimoto has been revealed.

The Opening theme played in the PV is titled Daisuki and it will be sung by Ayaka Ohashi, with the Ending titled Innocent Flower by Mia REGINA. Would you love perverts if they are cute? airs later this July.

Source: animeanime