Japanese figure maker, Sentinel, recently held a 10th anniversary exhibit in Tokyo earlier this month. And during that event, the figure company revealed some of their latest upcoming offerings. One of those which stood out was a very peculiar Evangelion figure.

However, this one re-imagines the Eva-01 as a samurai.

The figure’s tentative name is “RIOBOT All-Purpose Human-Type Battle Weapon First Unit”. It is a samurai redesign of Neon Genesis Evangelion’s main mecha, and is part of Sentinel’s Riobot line of mecha figures. So far, the event did not reveal the figure’s release date or pre-order period, as well as its price.

What makes this figure even more special is that Takashi Okazaki designed the figure itself. Of course, Okazaki is the designer behind both Afro Samurai and Batman Ninja.

image via Dengeki Hobby