Yasuhiro Nightow’s Blood Blockade Battlefront manga is the latest franchise to get a 2.5D stage adaptation. And now, the play’s official website has unveiled a new key visual.

It features actor Saku Momose as Leonardo Watch in the middle of what seemed to be New York’s Times Square.

This is our first glimpse of any actor in costume for the play. Joining Momose in the cast are:

  • Hiroaki Iwanaga as Klaus Von Reinhartz
  • Hiroki Ino as Zapp Renfro
  • Hideotshi Kubota as Steven A. Starphase
  • Shizune Nagao as Chain Sumeragi
  • Sumiya Itou as Zed O’Brien
  • Ayaka Andou as K.K.
  • Takashi Hagino as Gilbert F. Altstein
  • Shouta Kawakami as Deldro Brody/ Dog Hummer

Daisuke Nishida, who previously directed the Blue Exorcist and Hakuouki 2.5D stage adaptations, will also be directing Blood Blockade Battlefront. Its first stop will be over at The Galaxy Theatre in Tokyo from 2nd-10th November. It will then move to the Umeda Arts Theater Dramacity from 14th-17th November.

Set in an alternative world where hell and Earth are connected by a giant portal in New York, which is now called Hellsalem’s Lot after the incident. The manga follows Leonard Glass, a boy with mystical eyes who joins the organization, Libra, to help keep the peace between humans and the denizens from beyond.

source: Comic Natalie