Last week, Shonen Jump magazine’s 27th issue for 2019 announced that Boruto will be having a big announcement this week. And now, the 28th issue is announcing that Boruto will be having a huge transfer, from Shonen Jumo to V Jump magazine.

This means that Ukyou Kodachi and Mikio Ikemoto’s sequel manga to Masashi Kishimoto’s classic Naruto manga will be going from a Weekly format to a monthly format. The 28th issue will also be Boruto’s final chapter in Shonen Jump before moving to its new home. It will debut in V Jump on 20th July with the release of the magazine’s September 2019 issue.

Boruto follows Boruto and Hinata’s son, Boruto Uzumaki. He inherits his father’s cheekiness, and has proven to be a genius in jutsus.

Source: Weekly Shonen Jump issue 28