The Digimon Adventure anime’s 20th anniversary celebrations are off and running this year, and as part of the celebrations there will be a special exhibition. Here’s a special visual featuring the DigiDestined and their partner Digimon!

The Digimon Adventure 20th Anniversary exhibition will happen at the Meguro Sky Garden in Tokyo from 13th July until 1st September. They will display various production materials, artworks, and various memorabilia from the classic anime.

In addition, the venue’s Sky Café will also be serving a special Digimon-inspired menu. Expect the Meguro Sky Garden or Toei Animation to reveal more details about that menu soon enough.

The Digimon 20th Anniversary Project kicks off this year, and that includes a new Digimon movie. The film will feature the adult versions of the DigiDestined.

source: Comic Natalie