Doraemon has been with us for a long time now, 40 years in fact!

And TV Asahi is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the anime adaptation of Fujiko Fujio’s hit manga series with a bang! The TV network just announced that the anime will have a one-hour special with three new episodes on 19 July 2019 as part of the 40th anniversary celebrations.

The first episode is titled “Irogara Doraemon”, and it will feature the lovable robot cat from the future being able to change colors thanks to a special wax. Meanwhile, the second episode’s title is “Umi ni Hairazu Kaitei wo Sanpo suru Houhou”.

It will feature Nobita and friends going on an underwater adventure. Finally, the third episode, “22-seiki de Natsuyasumi”, will feature Doraemon going back to the future.

The iconic robot cat has been on air for four decades now, and this is the third TV anime series for the franchise already, with a new voice cast. It continues to be among the highest rated children’s TV anime in Japan even after all these years.

Congratulations Doraemon!

Source: TV Asahi