As a plastic model builder myself, I enjoy building all sorts of model kits. I’m not the best, nor do I do fancy customisations cause I’m not very good at that. Recently I’ve been working on the Second Season of the Frame Arms Girl TV series where you can see me as the second MC alongside our returning MC Estelle!

I’ve built two Frame Arms Girl personally, with a Stylet and Architect back when I was still living in Japan. This time, however, let me show you some wonderfully amazing designs I’ve come across the net that I have to share with you!

Stylet Impulse

One of the more simpler customs I came across was this Stylet Impulse. It’s a very simple design choice but it uses the base idea of Stylet and stretches it further, giving her a more plane inspired design. The base design is still very much Stylet but modeller Hayatamaru decides to give her more grey tones than her usual black.

I love the additions of the thrusters next to her fuel tank. And in the following tweet, you can see that the wings can fold inwards if you so choose to as well. Seeing this design, I thought that you don’t really need to think of very grand designs. Sometimes, the inspirations are just staring at your face.

Virgo Goddess

Modeller Nirlet_ uses the Baihu and Hresvelgr (two models which we have covered in the series recently too!) and mixes them with Modelling Support Goods items to create this beauty of a Frame Arms Girl titled Virgo Goddess.

This FA Girl uses mostly Hresvelgr parts as the base with the very sleek robotic calves of the Baihu for this situation. Did I mention how well made the twin-tails are? Instead of using your regular hair pieces, Nirlet_ opted to use Baihu’s guns with some scratch-made items as a more “robotic” twin-tails almost seeming like a burst-mode of sorts.

The light blue long flowing hair complements the entire color scheme. Hresvelgr weapons and MSG parts are repurposed to be funnel type weapons surrounding her as well. Just by looking at the second photo, it makes you wonder what her backstory is…

Hresvelgr Revengeance

So one of the great things about Frame Arms Girl is that you can mix them with any ideas you wish. The second best thing? Taking your favourite design and turning them into an FA Girl! So I love Metal Gear, and this is one design I was hoping to see recreated and luckily modeller syou0069 actually did it! Enter Hresvelgr Revengeance.

This Hresvelgr barely even looks like an Hresvelgr anymore but the modeller actually documented their journey into making this design. The base of this design is still a Hresvelgr but they scratch-built many parts from the Raiden design in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. I really love custom designs like this. I wish I could replicate Solid Snake into a cute Frame Arms Girl one day! Oh, this modeller did it already…

Frame Arms Girl Omnia

And last but not least, my personal favorite of recent times. Modeller Turiron went to the next level by using a 3D app to create the base design, and then using a 3D printer to create the parts he was lacking for this. I believe he used a Architect as a base when making this design.

The gap between the human and mechanical parts in this is fantastic! There’s something just surreal looking at this. Recreating frills using 3D technology is already next level. My favourite part of the entire model kit, however, is the golden coloured air-vent/grills at the back, reminiscent of my favourite Zone of the Enders robot designs.

Not only is his designing skill amazing, but his painting skills are also top-notch! I wish I could see this design in person one day.

Do you know of any great custom Frame Arms Girl you’ve came across? Perhaps you’ve actually made one yourself? Share with us in the comments below and we’ll see you in July! Perhaps we might feature your designs!