Kirito’s Elucidator is perhaps the most iconic sword from Sword Art Online. And now, it’s getting a life-size replica from Good Smile Company and Cerevo. It boasts lights from 700 LEDs, as well as sound effects.

The sword has a gyro sensor which works in conjunction with those 700 LED lights to track the user’s movements and give out a lights show complete with sound effects. You can even recreate Kirito’s Starburst Stream attack! The 16-hit Sword Skill can be activated through voice command or a button at the base of the sword.

Users can also link the sword up with their smartphones through a special app. They can also control how the sword lights up through their smartphones as well.

In addition to Normal Mode, Elucidator can be switched to Display Mode, in which the sword periodically flashes with light, and Flash Mode, in which the sword’s light constantly shines. The color of the light can be freely set with RGB sliders.

Pre-orders are now open via the Good Smile Online store. The standard edition costs ¥109,091 (Before Tax), while the Special Edition, which comes with a carrying/display case and authentic leather handles costs ¥136,364 (Before Tax). Both editions will be released sometime in April 2020.