The Japan Racing Association (JRA) is no stranger to doing collaborations with anime. In fact, they have previously teamed up with Mr. Osomatsu, Pop Team Epic, Fate, and even Fist of the North Star. Now, they have revealed their latest horse racing collaboration, and it’s with Gundam!

Called “Mobile Ride Gundam JRA -BEYOND THE TURF-“, the campaign has launched an original video featuring a narration by Setsuna F. Seiei‘s seiyuu, Mamoru Miyano.

In addition, the website is also holding a “Haro Gacha” function to commemorate the annual Arima Kinen race. Those who share their gatch wins will get a signed artwork, as well as a special QUO card worth 10,000 yen.

The collaboration will feature plenty more activities, and it won’t just include Gundam 00. Expect them to reveal more details soon enough.

source: Comic Natalie