Japan is known for having advanced robotics and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). In fact, many Japanese sites offer A.I. services for people. And now, one of these sites, CanvaSketch, has gone viral in Japan for one peculiar A.I. that judges Pikachu drawings.

The A.I. judges the drawings based on their cuteness, goodness of character, and Pikachu-ness. However, it seems to be rating the Pikachu drawings very low. In fact, this A.I. seems to be one harsh judge.

Now, the low scores puzzled Twitter user @BikkuriMoon, who posted a very peculiar judgement from the A.I. The post included its judgements of the three images above, and one sketch for Kamen Rider Black RX. Sad to say that the A.I. thought it was a waaaaaaaaaay better Pikachu drawing than the others.


Pikachu-ness: 97/100
Cuteness: 83/100
Goodness of Character: 53/100

Total score: 233/300

Sora News 24 got curious and submitted their own artwork. The first sketch is of Pikachu of course, and it scored OK, 146/300.

Then they submitted a drawing of Stewie Griffin from Family Guy. The Pikachu drawing scored more, but the drawing of Stewie still scored more than the other Pikachu sketches. So yeah, the Pikachu A.I. thinks a bad drawing of Stewie looks more Pikachu than drawings of Pikachu…

So yeah, the Pikachu option is getting some raised eyebrows. And if you wanna try it out yourself, here’s the website: https://canvasketch.com/generators/5c1cbf2a19182f0ef97b1ed4

source: Sora News 24