When it comes to copyright policy, Pokemon is one of the strictest in Japan. However, it seems that with the launch of a special Pokemon free-to-use art programme for schools and Day Care Centers, the Pokemon Company is loosening that policy a little bit.

Called the Pokemon Illustration Lab, the programme allows elementary schools and children’s daycare centers to download and use illustrated Pokemon artwork, without any need to pay licensing fees or worry about copyright complaints.  As of writing, it has released over 100 artworks for young students to work on.

The programme includes coloring sheets, art sheets, various stickers, and more. There are even some seasonal options for holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and Hina Matsuri.

However, while these illustrations and artworks are free-to-use, people downloading them must know that they can’t use them for activities that users can profit from. These include using the illustrations for promotions and ads. As for its international release, the Pokemon Company is already planning to expand it abroad.

source: Sora News 24